Monique Hebert

Director of Corporate Standards

Monique Hebert oversees the market asset and apartment sale processes, development and implementation of corporate standards and procedures, and contract administration. The vision of her work ethos is “to work together to build strong relationships, promote and foster the best in each other, and create successes beyond our wildest dreams.” Monique started her career working for a law firm specializing in property law. This valuable knowledge base, and her ability to effectively lead and motivate others, led to several successful project management positions that included work with a private developer, local government projects, and the construction of two hospitals worth over $600M through Island Health. The values that drive Monique are courage, respect, honesty, and integrity. Monique is married with two children and loves the outdoors. She has recently taken up golf and loves to travel, especially when it comes to exploring the amazing coast and lakes around Campbell River.